Why choosing the right domain name is important

Domain names are probably some of the most important internet assets. There are companies willing to spend thousands of pounds to regain their domain names from the wrong hands underscoring the great importance that these companies attach to “online real estate”.  But before you go on wasting your money, it is important to ensure that you have decided on the right kind of domain names that will be of value to you or your organization. In this age when many business processes are shifting to the cyberspace, your domain name is inseparable from your own corporate identity or image. There are lots of reasons why you should get this process right.

Influence of domain names on type-in traffic and SEO
By some estimates, some 15% of web users will simply type in your address to the browser when looking for information about your brand or services as opposed to searching for your content through search engines. It therefore helps if you have domain name that is short and memorable. This means users can easily remember your domain name and you are able to get more targeted traffic from people who come to your website deliberately and not by accident.  Good domain names that closely correspond to the products and services you are offering online also have good SEO value.

Good Branding
A good domain name is good for business branding. By including your business name in your domain name along with on related services such as emails and blogs, you are able to offer your users a unified and professional looking online brand which inspires confidence in you and your online business.

Targeting the right market niche with your domain name
Choosing the right domain name can help you in targeting a particular market in a particular geographical location which allows customers to easily identify with your brand. For example, if you are planning to establish a business that is focused on the UK market, choosing a .co.uk domain will inspire trust in your customers who will easily identify with you as a UK brand. The same applies to someone who is establishing a business in the EU market where a .eu domain will inspire trust in the minds of consumers who will consider them as a company with a Pan European focus.

Avoid Trademark Disputes
Incorporating some due diligence in the choice of the right domain names can also help businesses avoid costly trademark disputes through processes like the UDRP and other alternative dispute resolution procedures vhich tend to be quite costly especially in cases where multiple domain names are involved.


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