How to make money flipping domain names

Domain flipping simply refers to the online business of buying or hand-registering low cost domain names and then selling them at a profit. It is a very risky business and you need good insight and judgment to recognize those names that will be in high demand in the domain marketplace. You also need to have access to multiple sales channels through which you will sell your domain names. If you have sold products on e-Bay, then you will not have a problem flipping your domain names and generating thousands of pounds every month in profits.

Picking the right domain names
Domain name research is the key to success in the domain name flipping business. You must have good knowledge of the industry to be able to recognize those names which are valuable and which are likely to generate lots of offers from potential suitors. You can operate within a niche or two which allows you to completely understand the market along with some of the key trends. You also need to master a few domain research tools including keyword research tools, domain appraisal tools, links analysis and traffic analysis tools. Building a portfolio of very valuable domain names takes time and effort but it will increase your chances of succeeding in domain name flipping business.

Where to find good domains
There are lots of online portals that you can use to get your domain names. If you are hand-registering your domain names, you can use some of the big registrars that tend to have very low prices especially for bulk purchases. Some registrars also have special membership plans for domain investors which will allow you to get discounts on your domain purchases throughout the year. You may also purchase low cost domain names in the aftermarkets like GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, NameJet, CAX or Moniker.

How to sell domains
There are lots of strategies that you can employ when planning to flip your domain names in the aftermarkets. One of the most effective techniques is listing your domains in the domain auctions like GoDaddy, CAX, Sedo or AfterNIC where you can get lots of exposure and offers from interested parties. You can also collect email addresses of top investors in your niche of operation using tools like  You can then send emails to these potential buyers asking them whether they would be interested in acquiring your domain names.  Do not jump at the first offer to purchase your domain names as you can always get better offers. You can push your luck as far as is reasonably possible so as to flip your portfolio without getting a raw deal.


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